People are forever asking me what this means. My teenage self thought it was quite self-explanatory when setting up a gmail account but apparently other brains don’t function like mine. It’s simple really. Do you know quite how many Sarah Williams’ there are in the world? We’re talking thousands. We’re a truly endless people. Like, there is almost enough of us to warrant ourselves our own specie. So rather than sporting a hideously long number after my own name I decided to just join all the other Sarah Williams’ together in to my handle.

And why not.

I don’t know, it started as kind of a silly solidarity thing; we all know the hassles of being an SW. Obviously, it’s a kind of play on the classic ‘insert white man’s name here’ and co. business name. But then it just kind of became me. sarahwilliamsandco is who I am. So instead of thinking of some witty blog name, that undoubtedly would in years to come fill me with nausea, I just called it myself. I wanted it to be simple. I didn’t want a theme; I want to be able to talk about whatever the fuck I want. Random musings in my mind, injustice, my adventures, feminism, veganism, my family, music, books, existentialism, minimalism, my friends, inspiration, fitspiration, politics, things that piss me off, things that make me cry happy tears, movies, my hopes.


I can be quite unpredictable so this will be interesting.

Wolves Without Teeth – Of Monsters and Men

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