Small Steps

So, it’s been over two months without a post but I’m just going to say: at this point who is really surprised? I’m here now though and that’s what is important. I’ve been pretty busy since January and maybe I’ll tell you about it soon but today I want to talk about motivation.

I find motivation really bizarre. Obviously, I lack it most of the time but it’s not that I don’t have it inside me it’s just that I don’t always execute it correctly and adequately. I think we all struggle with that. But I’d like to be different and I think humans are very adaptable.

I learnt about action plans today and realised they could be for the simplest task ever, the point is that you have a time scheduled for completion. This interests me because it suddenly makes the most dreary of tasks seem positive and doable. In just a few hours it’s twisted my thought process and I’m envisioning myself as more organised and proactive. Who doesn’t want to be proactive in their life? I’m pretty exhausted of just sitting around watching months of my life pass and having nothing to show for it. Sure, I’ve watched a hideous amount of Netflix, and read that book for class and I’ve worked a lot of hours at my job but what have I really done? What do I have to show for my time?

I don’t just want to float through life surviving.

I want to have adventures, and experiences, a great career and amazing friends. But there comes a point where you can’t just sit around waiting for it anymore. Instead of saying you love to travel, actually travel somewhere and get off Facebook. Instead of saying you’re not sure what you want to do, actively think about it, research it and just decide; you can always change later anyway. And instead of saying you love writing, just start writing the blog otherwise people are going to stop believing you.

So I’m giving the action plans a go and we’ll see if it works. Maybe you’ll get another post in a few days. Maybe you won’t. But hopefully you will.

Suburbia – Troye Sivan


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