A little reminder.

I think we’ve got to remember it’s all temporary. Like, right now, existing in this place isn’t a life sentence. Technically, it’s only as long as you want it. Do what’s necessary to change it. Don’t fade away. Don’t settle. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be stupid. Hustle. Make the life that you actually want. Discover it. Research it. Don’t worry that you don’t know what it is straight away. Just don’t stop looking. Keep moving. You’ve always liked being a nomad. Do that. Keep positive. Keep optimistic. Take rejection as it is: a lesson for you and a missed opportunity for them. Don’t internalise it. Someone will realise how sound you are. Then the whole world will know and everyone who said ‘no’ will be kicking themselves. Invest in yourself because you’re good enough. Change the world.

Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac