Begin Again

I seem to spend my life starting things. I kind of know why and I kind of have no idea. A beginning needs to be perfect or why would you continue? I was afraid of that a lot. But as well, I want to do these things I start or I wouldn’t start them. I just can’t always get myself to do them. That’s the part I don’t understand.

So, instead of all the overthinking and procrastinating I’m just going to be real. I’m just starting. It’s the last day of 2015 but this isn’t really a resolution thing. I’m just sat on a bus with some time. And whilst I think January resolutions can be false and half-hearted I think it would be stupider to postpone this venture just because it’s January. It’s not January’s fault that it’s a beginning. It owns it. If we’re being real, January gets more people to the gym than any other month. It has people eating healthy and making good choices. If you want to point fingers it should be to February. People deteriorate, sure, but January couldn’t actually be a better beginning if it tried.

So I’m following suit.

Love Me Do – The Beatles

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