April Wrap Up

So back in the innocent days of March, Danny was reading Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy trilogy, Mistborn. Now each of these books is around 700 hundred pages but I said I thought he was reading them quite slow and that I could of course do it quicker. A bet was born. He was reading them in about three weeks, perfectly reasonable, most would say. I thought I could do all three in a month. The wager then turned out like this: if I read all three novels in the month of April then Danny would buy me five new books of my choosing. And so the page adventure began.

Did I do it?

Of bloody course I did it!

The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

I’ve been trying to think since I finished the trilogy about which is my favourite. It’s super close but I think it’s this one. There’s just something magical about the beginning of an adventure. Strangers coming together to become family. This book is the most epic revolution you’ve been looking for. The magic system is so unique and boss. I get a lot of Oceans Eleven vibes from this but like fantasy. Fucking read it already.

Blue Horses – Mary Oliver

Fit a sneaky extra book in when we were away in Paris. I’ve been trying to read more Mary Oliver since she died and I didn’t know who she was. This had all elements of Oliver I’ve come to love: nature, feminism, simplicity, love, animals and the everyday. We did read this to each other whilst we were drinking red wine though so I think I need another flick through, the end is a bit hazy.

The Well of Ascension – Brandon Sanderson

Loved this second instalment to the Mistborn trilogy. There’s a charming naïvety to the first book that is completely crushed in this one. It’s brutal, it’s war, it’s twists and turns and sneaky politics. It’s fascinating and delves so much further into the world than I even knew was possible. Some boss new characters as well as more detailed narratives of our favourites.

The Hero of Ages – Brandon Sanderson

Man. This book gave you all the answers you could have dreamed of for a final book in a trilogy and then some. A perfect instalment that takes us to new places in the world. New systems of magic are discussed and I could not stop turning pages. I really didn’t want it to end. 720 pages simply wasn’t enough. Even twenty pages from the end you’re questioning how the fuck it’s going to tie up. You won’t be disappointed.

So yeah, if you think you even slightly like fantasy (and I know all you fuckers watch Game of Thrones) then I implore you to read these books. They’re mind blowing, one hundred times over. The big question is, shall I just buy another five Brandon Sanderson books with my winnings?

Pink Tiger – Flizz

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