Easy Summer Smoothie Recipes

Hey kids!

This week’s self-care post is super quick but unbelievably tasty. You guys know how I love a homemade juice. Especially in summer, they’re just so refreshing. I’ve been enjoying the heat we’ve had recently. Coupling an ice cold beverage with it? Perfection! I’ve got two for you. I’d say they cost under 30p per serving. Fuck shop bought. Super simple. Eyeball all the ingredients. Let’s go!

This first one I call Sunshine:

Frozen Pineapple

Frozen Mango

Orange Juice


This second one I call Burst:

Frozen Strawberries

Frozen Raspberries

Apple Juice


And there you have it! It’s almost like this post only took two minutes to write. Hehe.

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when life throws you a curveball

About six weeks ago my dad, we call him Terry, found a Groupon for cheap Odeon cinema tickets so we bought it. It runs out next Wednesday. We need to go to two different movie showings and currently we’ve been to zero. You know how it is, life gets in the way. We decided to head to the cinema this morning to get the first one boxed off. About five minutes down the road I decide to check the film time. For no reason, just cos I felt like it. Turns out it started twenty minutes earlier than I thought and we’d already missed the start. Yeah, my bad.

So when life throws you a curveball what are you going to do about it? Be angry? Moan all day? Blame the person who’s at fault and make them feel bad? Or laugh at how stupid you are and go and do something else instead? Me and Tez chose option four.

So skip an hour into the future and we ended up in a garden centre planning our extravagant garden makeover; working out how to grow our own vegetables (conclusion: we have no fucking idea); and sitting on every garden bench we come across whilst talking about life. We treated ourselves to some bougie vegan flatbreads, coffee and elderflower water. Cos why not?

I’d say today is the best weather day we’ve had for about eight months. For real. The sun is shining, there’s a pleasant breeze, and today is the first time I haven’t worn my winter coat since like September. So who would wanna spend it in a dark, indoor cinema anyway!

It feels like the start of summer. And that makes me happy.

So just remember, kids, take each day as it comes. No matter how much you plan, life will find a way to change your circumstances. Realise that there isn’t much point in living if you’re not at least having fun. Do something completely random. Something that sounds weird. Because adventure is anywhere. You just have to remember to look for it.

Have a happy, sunny day, everyone!


Summer Mood – Best Coast


I find the sunshine a little magical. How it can instantly brighten someone’s day and alter their disposition. Something about those warm rays on your skin. They radiate through you, make you feel wrapped in positivity and joy. A big hug from mother nature. You feel alive. At least I do. Anything can happen in the sunshine. Anything can happen in the rain too but people aren’t open to it. They want to run to their next building instead of being cried on. Tears of cold and misery. In the sun there’s no better place to be than outside. Yeah, you can get sunburnt and sweaty but these are mere side effects. We’re willing to live with them if it gets us the cloudless blue sky. We flock to the shop for ice creams, strawberries, ciders. We drag our lives to our gardens, to the parks, the seaside. Because we know here the sunshine is fleeting. She won’t stay long. So we don’t waste a minute. When I wake up and I’m being blinded by the rays seeping through my blinds I know the day will be great. You don’t want to sit inside. You’re restless. So we go to rooftop bars, we go hiking, we go on road trips to nowhere. Just being outside revitalises you. Recharges you. The sunshine makes me feel like I can do anything. I want to be coated in it always. It inspires me to get off the couch and actually live my life.

And today it’s a glorious day outside. So why are you sat here reading this? Go and enjoy it!

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