Vegan Liverpool Pt.2

I’m coming at you today with four new eatery’s that are a must-visit on your next trip to Liverpool! We’ve got a mixture today: one place is fully vegan, the others have some damn good vegan options. I hope you like delicious food, otherwise you’ll hate this post!

Chamber 36

I don’t think I can fully articulate to you just quite how amazing this food is. The salt and pepper tofu is known to change lives. Fair warning. This restaurant is situated right next to the largest Chinese arch outside of China. Makes sense that they serve Chinese food then! They’re actually a Pan-Asian dim sum (think tapas) place that also boasts award winning cocktails. The vibe inside is very chill with some nice private booths. I like it because you could go in jeans or dress up fancy and you’ll always fit in. The tofu and aubergine is a must, as is the tempura. Couple it with an espresso martini and your taste buds will be thanking you for days. Also, I was actually facetiming in the bathroom here when my sister told us she was engaged! So I’ll always love this place.

Frost Burgers

This has become a new obsession of mine. I’m just thankful that it’s nowhere near my office otherwise I’d be buying this every day. I’d seen a couple of Monami Frost’s Youtube videos a few years ago but when this venue was announced I had absolutely no idea it was the same Frost. Turns out it is, she lives in Liverpool, who bloody knew. Anyway, the clue is in the name really, they do burgers. But they also do the most incredible skin-on fries, they have donuts and milkshakes and their famous soft-serve vegan ice cream too. Don’t kill me but I haven’t tried that yet! The burger is just so filling! I can definitely stand behind the garlic mayo chicken burger, that thing is unreal. Their dips are amazing and, to me, the mayos may be even better than Down the Hatch’s! If that wasn’t enough, you can also crush your own can before you recycle it.


Also situated in Chinatown is this amazing restaurant. (We’re Liverpool, we have the oldest Chinese community in Europe, you better believe we’re all obsessed with Chinese food.) Now let me paint a picture for you. You’ve been out since 6pm, a couple of drinks with friends turns into a messy night out, because when does it not? You get to 3am and you’re just gasping for some food, you skipped tea (remember the spiralling drinking?) but you really can’t face another kebab (or vegans, another side of plain chips). What you’re actually craving is a delicious Chinese meal. You know, like a sit down, classy affair? Well, look no fucking further. The Mayflower opens in the evening and serves at their restaurant until 4am. You did not read that wrong. This place will change your life. For all you naysayers, I’ve eaten here sober before and it was equally as incredible. You can’t go wrong with the tofu with straw mushrooms and the salt and pepper tofu (I’m obsessed, can you not tell?).


I have a lot of time for a big food chain who takes time to make a boss vegan menu. People might be surprised to know that even two/three years ago, vegan options were almost non-existent in mainstream restaurants. All veggie options were heavily cheese-based. So the chains who got out there early (Zizzi, Pizza Express etc.) I actually am happy to give my money to. Wagamamas is definitely one of these. I love having them everywhere in the country for those evenings when you’re starving and just can’t be bothered to work out where will actually have decent options. I can’t lie, every time I go into one I swear I’ll try something new, but every single time, without fail, I’ll order the vegatsu. What can I say? That’s some damn tasty seitan! Even the side salad it comes with is unreal, that’s the level we’re at here. I’ve had the yakisoba before though (back in those pre-vegatsu days) and it was great. Recently they’ve added a dish to their menu that includes a vegan egg. Like come on. Just go!

And that’s it! If you’re mouth isn’t watering then you must be a robot. I’d love to hear your veggie/vegan recommendations – whether they’re in Liverpool or elsewhere!

Confusion – The Zutons

The Ten Most Annoying People On A Bus

I love a list post. Who doesn’t? I’ve currently been sat on a bus to London for the past four hours. Why, do you ask, am I sat on a six hour coach from Liverpool instead of a two hour train? Simple. A train for two was well over £100 whereas this coach is under £35 return. This fact may sound absurd to people in other countries. But the UK is an actual joke country. Getting a flight to many other European cities is far cheaper than getting a short train to somewhere else in our own country. Thanks, Maggie, you prick.

So, anyway, I’d like to think I’m quite an optimistic person. However, I also think people can be really stupid/inconsiderate/selfish. And here comes today’s post: the ten most annoying people on a bus. Let’s go!

1. Who else could we possibly start this list with but the absolute moron who has a three hour, extremely loud phone call? I have no words.

2. The snorer. Gotta say, I can be the culprit of this one (hey, an asthma/hay fever combo is no joke), but man when it’s not you it’s so annoying. Haha!

3. The person who lets their guitar fall on you and pretends not to notice. A very specific scenario to this particular journey but ‘obnoxious falling objects’ shall we say for this one?

4. The chair kicker. These seats are so close together, how are you even getting your legs up there, you contortionist?

5. The laddy boys creating a hell of a lot of sound pollution. We get it, you have a penis.

6. The space stealer. It’s a busy bus, I get it, sit next to me. That’s totally fine. Please do not encroach on my side though. I don’t want your dirty laundry under my legs and your half-eaten sandwich in my face. We’re not friends.

7. You know that person who seems to have conveniently forgotten about the existence of headphones and is blasting tinny sound out of their device? Yeah, I hate them.

8. The person at the scheduled stop who thought it was sound to sneak on a disgusting smelling hot sandwich. Now we all smell like a giant fart, thanks pal.

9. Oh how have we got to nearly the end of this post before I remembered this one! Possibly worst of all. The chatter! I don’t want to know where you’re going. I don’t care what the weather is like. I certainly don’t care what your interests are. Extroverts may think that’s a selfish stance to have however, I’d say you assuming I want to hear what you have to say is a little selfish too.

10. My boyfriend who keeps making me take my earphone out to look at another stupid tweet he’s seen. Just kidding on that one, he kept asking if he was one of the annoying people so I decided to throw it in for when he reads this later!

And there you have it. I hope you never experience these people. But if you do? Just remember the golden rule of public transportation travel: NEVER FORGET YOUR HEADPHONES. Blast Chic until you are actually having Good Times.

Also, nationalise the railways!

Bus Stop – The Hollies

Free Summer Adventure Ideas

We’re all struggling for money, am I right? Some, of course, more than others. But who isn’t forever waiting for payday? If not, I wish you well, you must either make a killing or budget and save a heck of a lot. But the rest of you out there? The rate of inflation, compared to the increase of wages is no joke. However, we can’t live life letting money control or consume us. We have to live. We have to laugh, have dreams, have adventures, have fun, breathe. So to help you do that on this Self-Care Thursday, without breaking your bank, here are ten ideas to help you escape the monotony of your average day. These activities I have labelled as free but some will require a previous purchase (ie. a bike) so I apologise if they aren’t accessible to you. I hope you can find something else to satisfy your hunger for adventure on this list!


In the U.K. we’re fortunate enough to have access to thousands of free museums and art galleries. We also know it rains no matter what the season. Go and educate yourself on a new topic or take in an art exhibit.


If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, go and explore your coastline. Whether that’s pebbly or rocky or sandy! A brisk walk on the beach is perfect any time of year; it’ll fill your lungs with fresh, ocean air. You could also substitute this one with a canal, a lake, a pond.. any body of water really!


I love owning books and building my collection but I think sometimes I forget how excellent the library is. I spent hours there as a kid perusing the stacks for my next read. Another perfect rainy activity! Why don’t you buddy read a book with a friend?


Have a staycation in your garden! Too hot in the house but don’t want to see any people? Set up camp with a good book on a blanket with a nice ice cold beverage.

Local Festivals

In Liverpool, we have endless festivals going on year-round but often in summer. The best part, a heck of a lot of them are free to attend! My favourite is an African music weekend that takes place in Sefton Park called Africa Oye. Take a deck chair and some snacks and you’re set up for the day. I’ve also attended a folk festival where I saw a group perform sea shanties!

Botanical Garden

There’s something about being surrounded by flowers and plants on a gloriously sunny day. The bright colours literally command your brain to be happy.

Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride is an excellent way to collide pleasure and exercise. Whether you’re cycling in circles, to the shops or to the park for a picnic, you’ll always feel better afterwards. I guarantee it.


Come on, think how many things you can do in the park! Go for a stroll, take a frisbee, skip pebbles in the pond, sun bathe, take a football, go for a run, read, photograph flowers, write a novel, or all your most desperate dreams. Just get out into some greenery.


Getting your body moving is always going to be an excellent way to spend your time. Yoga sessions don’t need to cost £8 for thirty minutes. Get yourself on YouTube and I swear you’ll never be able to turn away from Yoga With Adriene. She’s infectious. Give yourself a second in the calm summer mornings to wake yourself up.


My last one is simply to pick up a new hobby. I think it’s never not a good time to try your hand at something new. Train your brain to learn new knowledge. This one may incur some costs but a few cheap ideas could include: baking, gardening, jigsaws, a language, reading, journaling.

I hope you have an excellent August!

The Only Thing – Sufjan Stevens

Veggie/Vegan Liverpool

I think the world would be a better more fabulous place if it was just a tad more veggie so here are four of my ultimate favourite veggie/vegan joints in Liverpool!

The Egg Café

No Liverpool vegetarian or vegan article would be complete without The Egg. This is the original Liverpool veggie hangout and a great place to start your adventure. Housed in a listed building off Bold Street, The Egg offers delicious casual dining. Perfect for meeting friends or enjoying a quiet lunch to yourself. There’s some staples on the menu like soups, hummus, quiche and cheese on toast. The garlic bread is a must! However, the café also rotates ever-changing mains like lasagnes, moussakas and curries. If that’s not enough they also have a BOYB policy! Corkage is a quid each and makes the treacherous walk up the infamous spiral staircase worth it.


Liverpool’s first ever veggie and vegan Indian restaurant, housed in the business district, is the perfect next stop on your veggie journey. Located right by Moorfields, Sanskruti offers a wide variety of dishes to match India’s vibrant cuisine and culture. Whether it’s the ‘Thalis’ of Gujarat, the ‘Dosas’ of South India or the ‘Chaats’ of Mumbai you’re in for a unique experience. The daal makhani is an absolute must as is the mushroom rice. Your visit is also not complete without ordering the family naan (even if you’re on your own). It’s gigantic and comes presented on a massive skewer. Lovely staff and very pleasant atmosphere.

Down the Hatch

Possibly the place you’ve all been waiting for. Praise for this relatively new venue has been spreading like wildfire. Although when you’re boasting vegan junk food how could it not? People are curious what that looks like, possibly deep-fried salad? Well what it looks like is decadent burgers, delicious pizza fries, comforting mac and cheese as well as endless homemade cocktails. Residing in a basement on Duke Street, the restaurant has a cosy and casual feel. The staff are very friendly and helpful to any newbies. They’ve also started selling their own vegan mayo and the sriracha one is not to be missed!

Greendays Café

If you’re looking for something a bit out the city then this gem on Lark Lane is perfect. It has a similar vibe to The Egg and is very bohemian and relaxed. The portions are huge and the prices are low. The veggie breakfast is a definite must! The staff are friendly and the venue feels very homey. This is partly due to size, so try to go off peak if you want to ensure you get a table! There’s also a Groupon for vegan brownies and milkshakes currently on offer:

Best of My Love – The Emotions

Summer in the City

Proof that Liverpool is the best city, I’ve got the next few weekends sorted for you.


14th July

Starting in 2008 as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations, Brazilica is a parade that celebrates Brazilian music and culture as well as the magic of carnival. The parade sucks in around 30,000 visitors each year; this is probably due to the intoxicating atmosphere. There’s so much going on between drumming bands, samba dancers, colourful costumes and intricate floats. The parade begins on Abercromby Street and will wind down through the city and end in Williamson Square. The event will also host live Brazilian/Afro Latin music on a stage at the waterfront. It’s not to be missed! The event is free.

Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF)

@ Sefton Park, 21-22nd July

As always this is one of Liverpool’s biggest events of the year and you should be there. The two day festival showcases music from many countries and cultures to celebrate the vibrant history and diversity of our city. This year LIMF has named their theme ‘Co-Exist and Connection’ which seems like an excellent idea to explore this year given the current world political climate. It’s also a great way for Liverpool to celebrate it’s ten year anniversary of Capital of Culture. Artists include Basement Jaxx (DJ set), DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jax Jones. Tickets start at £5 and under 11s go for free.

Liverpool Pride

28-29th July

Pride is always guaranteed to be an excellent weekend. As it’s still quite a new event in Liverpool, the event continues to blossom an get bigger and better each year. Ran by an entirely volunteer-led charity Pride aims to combat homophobia and transphobia in Liverpool and across the world. Their website states their core values to be FREE, INCLUSIVE, VISIBLE. So whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community of just an enthusiatic ally, this weekend is not to be missed. Whether you want to be in the colourful parade through our streets or celebrate from the side of the road it’s up to you. The march will start at Liverpool Central Library and twist though the city to end on Tithebarn Street where a main stage will be set up full of excellent performers including, Atomic Kitten and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. This year Pride will also be hosting events on the Sunday that are more casual, family-friendly. Sunday is about learning, experiencing and making a difference. This event is free.

There’s just something magical about the summer, don’t you think?

T-shirt Weather – Circa Waves

Beer Gardens and Roof Terraces

We’re finally starting to see some sunshine here in Liverpool so I thought it was about time for an Indie Liverpool pt.3! To match the warmer weather I thought it would be perfect to share with you some of the excellent beer gardens and roof terraces Liverpool has to offer. To all you parents though, this article is not going to be very kid-friendly so start digging out those babysitter phone numbers now!

Ye Cracke

An oldie but a goodie. If you remember from the first Indie Liverpool I mentioned this pub as a perfect independent location to visit in our city. You may also remember that I mentioned it had a beer garden. Well it was winter then but now that we’re heading into summer this is a must-see! The atmospheric beer garden is situated right in the middle fo the city with many tall buildings around it. You get a great slice of blue sky there though and it’s just a sublime place to sit with a scrumpy cider and bask in Liverpool’s glory.


Now again, if you’ve not managed to get to this venue yet after it was mentioned in a Indie Liverpool pt.2 you might want to get it on your list. HUS’s rooftop terrace is the best place to while away your evening hours. From the rooftop you can see the beautiful Liverpool skyline including St. John’s Beacon as well as a lovely slice of the Mersey. The terrace is fitted with a grill, some lovely grass and some twinkly lighting making it the perfect place to spend sunset.

Kazimier Gardens

There has been many reincarnations and renovations of the great venue Kazimier and whilst the main indoor music venue was closed down a couple of years ago the excellent sister location Kazimier Gardens is still going strong next door. This boho kind-of-indoor, kind-of-outdoor bar is brilliant for a mulled wine or gin and tonic alike. Whether you’re huddled in the bustle of excited conversations or the entranced crowd of a bluegrass show this venue is a must visit. All the wooden furniture and wild plants give the location a great outdoor feel whilst really being in the centre of town.


This Water Street venue boasts one of the most intoxicating views of Liverpool with their roof garden, Goodness Gracious. The good news is they’ve opened it for summer again! From the top you can see the whole front and all the Graces. With the same owners as Leaf on Bold Street you know this venue is going to deliver. So whether you want something casual and creative or something a bit more classy, this is the venue for you.

Other honourable mentions (I know you want a bar crawl really!): Heebies, Red Door, 30 James Street, The Peacock, Constellations, Botanical Garden, District, The Lodge, Pump House, Free State Kitchen.

Pt.4 is coming.

In The Morning – The Coral

Indie Liverpool Pt.2

The long-awaited second instalment of Indie Liverpool is here. In case you missed the first one, I’m just telling you some of my favourite independent bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes in Liverpool. If we’re honest, this series could go on for another sixty-three parts because there’s just so many boss places in Liverpool! I’m glad a get to call it my city and I’m glad I get to show you some of the cool hideouts. Enjoy.

HUS – If it’s a great pint you’re after, look no further – HUS offers the first Tank Beer in Liverpool. This new venture by the Baltic Social owners has Scandinavian vibes, a rooftop terrace (I’m super excited for this to reopen) in the business district and amazing cocktails with chilli in them. Weird, I know, but worth a try.

The Egg Cafe – An awesome hideout off Bold Street if you can hack the winding stairs up to the cafe. It’s BYOB as all the best places are, just pay a contribution. The Egg is one of Liverpool’s original vegetarian hangouts featuring many classics on the menu as well as new rotating mains, very quirky and excellent anytime of day. I would definitely recommend the garlic bread meal after years of eating maybe eighty of them. Offers Independent Liverpool Card Discount.

Leaf – Whether it’s food, tea or a boss gin cocktail you’re looking for, Leaf has it all. Obviously named after their tea, this venue offers a ridiculous array of lose leaf teas just waiting to be brewed for you. With a relaxed atmosphere in the day time, Leaf also turns into a pretty busy bar at night with live music. I don’t think you could go wrong with any time of day. Offers Independent Liverpool Card Discount.

The Grapes – This hideout is a must for any good city centre pub crawl. It used to be known for the squish you’d have to endure from one side of the venue to the other but after having a facelift last year, the pub now boasts almost double the amount of seating space as well as an upstairs roof terrace. Fair warning, it will still get crammed in the evening, what can I say, everyone wants to go here! There’s not much to say about The Grapes other than that it is quintessentially Liverpool. It’s good booze and good people. And what more could you want?

Matta’s – Something a bit different. Matta’s is not a bar or a restaurant but a supermarket. Why is it on the list? Because it has literally everything you could ever want. It has all your bougie grains and nuts available in bulk. It also has a wide range of vegan essentials that you can’t find in many other places, for example Vegenaise! The grocer also offers almost every spice, herb or condiment you could dream of including a lot of great international foods. Offers Independent Liverpool Card Discount.

Pt.3 is coming.

Mersey Paradise – The Stone Roses

Liverpool, The Indie Way

Liverpool is my hometown and I feel pretty stoked to come from here. The people are boss, we’ve got tons of history and culture and if it’s hedonism you’re after you need look no further. I’ve been back here for about a year since finishing uni and in that time I’ve spent most of my wages on drinking too many pints and cocktails and trying every veggie meal the restaurants have to offer. Liverpool has a great independent vibe that is only growing so I figured I’d share with you some of my favourite indie spots across the city. These are cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs. Anything boss, basically. So whether you’re from the city and looking for something new or new to the city and looking for something quintessentially Liverpool, I got you.

Ship and Mitre – I’m putting it out there, this is possibly my favourite pub in Liverpool. Simply, it does what a pub should, serves great booze. The energy is addictive, relaxed. Being on Dale Street it’s also walking distance from the financial district so if anyone’s looking for a Friday pick me up they’ve got cask ales, craft beers, scrumpy ciders.

Down the Hatch – Standing on the ashes of the legendary club, Le Bateau, I had reservations about this new veggie/vegan restaurant. Located in a basement on Duke Street I was pleasantly surprised. The interior is atmospheric but cosy, the food is comfort – DTH boosts a veggie junk food menu. If that’s not enough the cocktails are amazing, definitely try the Scouse 75. Offers Independent Liverpool Card Discount.

EBGBS – Heebie Jeebies little brother, completely renovated last summer, the venue is a dark, basement, biker style bar that homes Liverpool’s longest running indie club night, Liquidation, on Saturday nights. So let’s dance to Joy Division, Bowie and the Bunnymen. Offers Independent Liverpool Card Discount.

Ye Cracke – One of Liverpool’s oldest pubs on Rice Street, off Hope Street, The War Room section is actually a listed building. The place is steeped in history; the pub was Lennon’s old watering hole when he was at art school. Also offers a large beer garden where you can waste the hot days away. Just so you know, it’s pronounced ‘The Cracke’ if you don’t want to sound like a prick.

The Brink – The first dry bar in the UK, The Brink focuses on being inclusive. It’s a recovery social enterprise and often houses local artists, poets, musicians. They have a great range of mocktails and other juices for just £2.95. Extensive menu, offers an afternoon tea and is great for vegetarians. Offers Independent Liverpool Card Discount.

Part Two is coming.

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