Fill your cup

As I was drinking my iced coffee before I realised what they say is true: you simply can’t pour from an empty cup. So I finished my last swig and ordered another coffee.

I’m kidding. Well, I’m not. I did order another coffee. But I was out for lunch with my sister and I glanced at the time. Three and a half goddamn hours. Gun to my head, I thought it had been two tops. We’d just had a lot to say and had been enjoying each other’s company. What a way to idle away an afternoon. I love my siblings. If you’ve been here before, you’ll know. I can barely shut up about them, haha. I could simply just talk to them forever with no break.

Speaking with my sister today just made me feel refreshed. It filled up my cup. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’ve been running low, barely a sip left. But then you have three iced coffees and feel rejuvenated. You feel like even though life can be hard and it’s certainly not always fun, life is ultimately good. Cos of the people you get to spend it with. Cos they make you feel whole and happy and validated. Often without even realising it. But often they do, cos you’re doing the same for them. And that’s pretty magic.

So yeah, I’m sat on the train heading back home and just looking at the fading daylight out the window and feeling sentimental and I thought I’d check in. It’s May now. When did I last check in? I’m assuming January cos let’s be real.

I hope this year has been going wonderfully for you, I really do. But as always, if it hasn’t that’s okay. Life ebbs and flows and so will bad times. You won’t always feel this way, soon you’ll feel great joy and I can’t wait to see it. If you have been feeling good, yes! Love that for you and I hope this season of life lasts as long as it can. Ring every drop out of it.

But good or bad, I hope you remember to fill your cup. Whatever it may be. I’d recommend a really nice big chat with a loved one. But perhaps I’m just biased.

Peace x

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