This is a check in pt.2

Yes, I am still alive. Are you pleased? Or just exasperated? Lol. Hmmkay, let’s ease into this blog post shall we?

How the hell are you?

It’s been a long time. So I just wanna check in really. A part two, if you will. What’s going on with you? What’s been happening? Are we vaccinated? How’s our mental health? Have you been able/felt comfortable to see some friends and family yet?

What’s new with me? Not a massive amount tbh. Just plodding along. Me and my boyfriend bought out first house, so that’s pretty big I guess. That feels like a bit of an obnoxious flex though so lemme tell you some other things that have happened to me. I woke up after getting trashed the other day and had like four bruises on me? How even. I’ve had a blister on my toe for like a month now, we’re not mates, please leave. My nan gave me a spare jar of coffee when I moved in and such a sweet gesture but honestly it’s the most yuck coffee ever and I’m still soldiering through it. (Btw don’t feel bad for her, she hates coffee and she got it free in a Christmas hamper, she just wanted any old sap to take it off her hands, enter me.) I fell asleep listening to an audiobook by accident and then spent like twenty minutes the next day working out where the fuck I was up to. I tripped over a curb the other day by my office in front of about twenty builders having lunch, actually kill me. I have no career-based ambition, not a tiny inkling inside me. (Okay that one’s heavy, but we’re trying to outweigh a big flex here, work with me.) I was sick on my own carpet last week after one too many ring of fires (yes, I do still pretend I’m in uni) and honestly, that’s mortifying. But I’m getting laminate put down in two weeks so I guess that one cancels itself out, weyyy. I saw a potential spoiler for The Walking Dead season ten on my Youtube the other day and I’m still over here hovering on season seven. I ordered a tofu stir fry vegetable udon dish from a takeout the other day and when it arrived there was no tofu in it. That one hurt the most tbh.

But yeah, I guess you get the point now? Or would you like some more? I’ve got many more. I realise most of those sound like I’m a pisshead. I swear I’m not. Just been getting a little too excited about finally being able to see people and go out and also wow if my tolerance hasn’t been shot in the last year but wow don’t I drink as if it’s the same!

Anyway though, in all seriousness, I hope you’re doing good. We’re coming off fifteen months of hellfire with no real end yet in sight. So I just wanted to check in. Ask you how you’re doing in case no one has today. Or this week. Or this month. And maybe you haven’t asked yourself either. And that’s okay, sometimes self-denial is what you need to get through. But also slowing down and taking stock and reflecting can be just what you need. So I hope you’re okay, or getting there.

I’m also hoping at some point that these blog posts can start having a more exciting upward swing again. Ah remember the innocent days of ‘Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool’ and ‘Places to Visit in Berlin’ and ‘Hamilton: The Musical Review’? If only we’d known. Would we have enjoyed it more? Nah, I already enjoyed all those things an obscene amount. But I am excited to get back to those adventures and I’ll try and remember to feel grateful once I get there. I don’t know why I haven’t been writing to you much lately, or like for two years now. Maybe it’s just the subconscious weight of it all? Maybe I’m lazy? I don’t know but I hope I see more of you soon. For now, look after yourselves.

Peace x

Lucky Girl – Fazerdaze

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