Simple Self-Care

Hey kids! After Tuesday’s accidentally insanely long post I thought I’d keep today’s nice and short. We’re back with another Self-Care Thursday and this week we’re keeping it practical and simple. If you read the self-care posts you’re probably one of these people: 1) WOO, can’t wait to try a new activity, 2) Hmm yeah interesting but I probably won’t bother, or 3) Ew, so boring and cliched. Well! Whichever you are, that’s okay, you do you. BUT. You can definitely do this week’s tasks. I’m gonna give you lots of options of very small things and you just have to choose one! So easy, right? I know you can do it, lazy person, I’m looking at you. No hard thinking involved this week, the key is complete and total relaxation. Whatever that means for you. So remember, you might read one of these and go, urgh, that’s not relaxing. But that’s okay, skip it. It’s possibly relaxing for someone else but we can’t all be the same. And we shouldn’t be. Okay, we’re not idiots, we can read a list. Here we go:

Go for a walk.

Have a cup of coffee.

Light some incense.


Bake brownies. Or cookies.

Have the fanciest bath ever.

Listen to your favourite album.

Have a nap.


Go for a massage.

Change your bedding and put new pjs on.

Try a new lipstick.

Do some yoga.

Go to a museum.

Make a fort.


Go see a movie.


Call your sister/brother/mum/dad.

Go for a run.

Binge a Netflix show.

Cook a new recipe for tea.

Light a candle.

Go for a manicure.

Lie in the garden or a park.

Go and have a beer with a mate.

And there you have it, kids. Now if anyone can get them all done in one week you’d be my hero!

Wherever I Live – Alessia Cara


  1. minimizethrivewellness Avatar

    Absolutely love your list! I think the perfect week would be all of the above haha – but my favourite (that I forget sometimes) is meditating and a fancy bath 😉 Thank you for the read.


    1. sarahwilliamsandco Avatar

      Thank you! I think it would be all of them too 🙂 meditating is definitely one I’d like to do more, any tips?


      1. minimizethrivewellness Avatar

        My biggest tip is not defining what meditation is! Sometimes I sit and listen to a guided audio. Sometimes I breath for a couple rounds saying in my head “inhale, exhale” or “one, two”.


        1. sarahwilliamsandco Avatar

          That’s a really good tip! I’ve used a bit of the calm app and I really like that but there’s a feature on there where you just breathe in and out with this sound and is find that really relaxing 🙂 thank you!

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