25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. i don’t really like book series (though just today i’ve finished the mistborn trilogy and i’m just tempted to be converted)
  2. i hate hard backs
  3. i used to just kind of shut the book and work it out later, now i use train tickets as bookmarks so, progress
  4. i’m obsessed with memoirs
  5. i think names written in my secondhand books are magic, i love imagining their lives
  6. i prefer second hand over new where possible
  7. i’m always currently reading like ten books, something i’m working on
  8. i’ve somehow become rory gilmore, i carry different books in my bag for different moods
  9. i love modern classics, anything twentieth century
  10. i’m a very unreliable reader – i either read 4 in a fortnight or none in 3 months
  11. i’m aiming for 50 books this year, we’re on track so far
  12. i love when people write inscriptions in books they give me
  13. i arrange my books by publishing date cos that just makes sense to me
  14. i love gifting books especially when it’s one that i really believe someone will love
  15. i don’t sweat when i don’t finish a book, if it’s not working it’s not working, don’t fight it
  16. i don’t really have a reading nook, i’m working on it – i actually mainly read on public transport
  17. my uni library overwhelmed me with it’s vastness and i’m gutted i don’t have access anymore
  18. when i think of all the books in the world i’ll never have time to read it upsets me
  19. i love when someone gifts me their favourite book because i know it’s something so personal
  20. i love an almost word for word film adaption – flipped, look it up
  21. i don’t have a favourite book, who possibly could
  22. i appreciate books that are under 200 pages
  23. i enjoy all the poetry i read and want to explore more
  24. i love reading non-fiction and textbooks and articles
  25. i only read harry potter for the first time when i was 20, i know, what was i thinking
  26. i really like rereading, happy twentysix

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