2019 Reading Goals

We’re headed in to our fourth month of the year so I thought it was about time I tell you my reading goals for the year. We were stuck in a Wrap Up cycle there for a while but now we’re up-to-date they should just be monthly moving forward! I love talking about books almost as much as I like reading books or buying books or rearranging books on a bookshelf. Books just make the world go round, right? Since finishing uni, I’ve been making it a bigger priority in my life to read good, important, brave, inclusive, informative, diverse, funny, honest, blunt books. Each year I’ve done a little better. Last year I managed to complete my challenge of reading 50 books. This was a HUGE deal for me. Going back a couple of years i was reading maybe 14 a year. Which is still a big number and the right amount for some people. But I knew I wanted to inhale more words. I wanted to expose my brain to more ideas. So I needed to read more books. Between January and June last year I read 26 books. Literally crushed it. Then between July and November I read 7 books. Leaving 17 to be read in December. Reflecting on this information, I decided to keep my Goodreads Reading Challenge at 50 for 2019. I think this is sensible, right? It’s a goal I hit but not without a heck of a lot of scrambling towards the end. So now we have the number but what are the other goals?

1. I want to read every day.

2. I want to aim for one book a week. Sometimes I’ll be busier than others and a week may go by with finishing a book. My intention, though, is to not have seven consecutive weeks pass without finishing a book.

3. Stick to my book buying system (find here: https://sarahwilliamsandco.com/2019/02/11/the-book-buying-ban-pt-2-conclusion/) I’m doing really good at this so far!

4. By 2020 own more read than unread books.

5. Buddy-read lots with my boyfriend. (We’re reading the Mistborn trilogy right now!)

6. Read all the memoirs in the world.

7. Choose reading over Netflix 90% of the time. I.e. STOP BEING LAZY.

8. Read more women than men. (Something I seem to be naturally doing after my year of reading women in 2017!)

9. Read experiences that are not my own.

10. Have fun with it. Yeah, I’m setting these goals but I don’t want it to be a chore or it will inevitably end in failure.

Happy reading, kids!

Ticket To Ride – The Beatles

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