Queer Eye

So I really wasn’t kidding about our Friday self-care posts coming back slowly. It’s been like two months since I said that.. But anyway! Beside the point. This week’s task is so enjoyable that you’ll forgive me instantly for keeping you waiting. Everyone drop whatever you’re doing right this second and go do it. Like right now. I don’t care if you’re at work. Say ‘peace out, guys, something I gotta do’. But no seriously, go and watch Queer Eye. If you haven’t seen any of the show then you’re in luck! You get three whole seasons to binge! If you already know about Queer Eye then I’m gonna assume you’ve actually already binged all of the new season. Oh well. Watch it again?

This show has been taking the world by storm since it started it’s reboot last year. And why? Because it is just so heart-warming. Don’t get me wrong, this show will break you. Completely crush you. You’ll be drowning in your own tears. Fair warning. But through all the pain and the discrimination and the lack of self-esteem you get to watch something beautiful. You witness real people completely reinvent themselves. Discover themselves. Learn to love themselves. They put their trust in the Fab 5 to transform them. They want change. They just don’t necessarily know how to do it for themselves. And it’s not just about physical change. A hair cut or a new wardrobe can give people an immediate visible confidence but it’s also about teaching them self-care and giving tips on how to treat themselves well. There’s also lots of focus on why and how they’ve got to where they are at the beginning of the episode and how they can alter their future going forward. God, I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

So who the heck are the Fab 5? They’re a team of guys who use their expertise in different areas to round together the transformation. Each episode features a physical makeover of body and clothes; a healthier look at your diet; a healthier look at your mental health; as well as a reinvention of your living space.

So who have we got?

On Food and Wine we’ve got Antoni. Now there is many memes across the internet that say Antoni can’t actually cook, he just knows how to chop up an avocado. Well, for one, you’re wrong, but also, who doesn’t like avocados? So what are we even moaning about people? Anyway, Antoni believes what you put in your body is a bold statement about what you think you deserve and how you plan to treat yourself. He also thinks cooking a good, wholesome meal for friends and family is a great way of connecting and I’d have to agree.

On Design we have Bobby. What that man can do with an interior space is incredible. Literally breath-taking. He suits it exactly to the person’s style as well as their needs and the spaces are always highly functional. Literally boss.

On Fashion we have Tan. Tan is the master of the French tuck, he also knows how to pronounce squirrel correctly. These are things you’ll understand once you’ve WATCHED THE SHOW. But really, it’s mad how many people are wearing clothes that are far too big for them just because they feel self-conscious or just don’t take the time to take care of themselves. He shows people what clothes fit their body shape and the smile on people’s faces when they look in that mirror is enough to set me off.

On Culture we’ve got Karamo. People are always asking ‘what even is culture? That’s not a thing’. Well I’m here to tell you to dropkick yourself in the face. I debate with friends all the time about who helps the person the most and it’s almost impossible to decide. But I think there’s a lot to be said for Karamo. He’s a trained social worker/psychiatrist so he knows what questions to ask. He knows how to get people to open up about what they’re avoiding. It’s in admitting that and exploring it that you often see the people smash out of their shell. It’s when they realise that they are enough. Exactly how they are.

On Grooming is the one and only JVN (Jonathan Van Ness). JVN is very extrovert and energetic and when I first committed to this journey I wondered if I’d find him annoying. Boy, was I wrong. There is something about that guy. He’s genuine. I completely believe he is always being entirely truthful to himself and that’s pretty inspiring. He is so ready with compliments, personalised to each individual that you just feel like you’re getting showered in them too. He makes me smile and you can see in his face that when someone he is transforming looks more confident in themselves then his job is done.

So basically, Queer Eye is just the greatest show to ever exist. People think it’s just this fluffy, reality, trashy show. And even if it was, why would that matter? But that’s just not actually accurate. It’s very socially conscious. It discusses very relevant topics such as religion, race, police brutality, homophobia and transphobia. It challenges social norms and yet it’s fun. That’s why it will remain popular.

In conclusion, (since this has turned into an essay) just go and watch this show so that we can talk about it! You seriously won’t regret it. I swear.


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