no more excuses

So I was sat in work today thinking about how I wanted to write a blog post tonight. I was having a little ponder about what my topic should be. And then I remembered how I had thought earlier that I really wanted to do some yoga tonight too. I’ve been avoiding the mat for weeks now. So now I’m stressing about how I won’t have enough time for both and which will get bumped. And oh, I wanted to finish my book too. But that’s like a hundred fifty pages and I’m not a quick reader. I need to make tea as well. I need to prepare tomorrow’s lunch and snacks as well, which won’t take too long since I’ve been trying this meal prep malarkey recently, but it still needs to get done. I’ve been really trying to give meditation a go as well but each time I lose my streak on Calm it doesn’t encourage me to do better it disheartens me. And when am I actually going to write this novel? And what will the novel even be about? I’ve wanted to get a bath for months to try out some Lush bath bombs my mate got me at Christmas but that will require cleaning the bath out so who’s got the time? Also if the yoga is particularly vigorous then I’ll end up having to wash my hair anyway so shall I just shower? And like, where’s my mindless Netflix time too? I’m only two episodes into the new Queer Eye cos I’m just not emotionally ready. And now I’m trying to watch all of Game of Thrones before the new season so I can actually talk to my mates about it. Shall I just spend all night doing that instead? It doesn’t really require any brain power.

Then I fast forwarded to me closing my eyes tonight and spoiler: I did nothing but lie around watching GoT and stupid Youtube videos about what’s in my bag.

So I sat there, back in work, thinking two things. One, damn. I overthink things and also internally moan a lot. Two, I figure I can sit here and let this be my life, because believe me, it has been for years. OR I could get up off my ass and actually do something with my time. Yeah, maybe I won’t get all that done today. I have a bad habit of having an insanely productive evening but then burning out and not doing anything for a month. I don’t want to be me looking back a month from now thinking, what was the point in that post? You didn’t change. I want this to keep me accountable. I want to tell you in a month how I’ve been revolutionising my evenings.

Basically, we’re removing excuses from our lives. Join me. They aren’t our friend. They don’t want us to succeed or be happy or feel inspired. So they’ve got to go. I know you have dreams. We should try and make them a reality otherwise we’ll always be thinking of tomorrow. Live now. Take each day with a pinch of salt. If you stumble, dust yourself off and try again the next day. This is a journey, not really a concrete destination. We’ll always be growing and evolving and prioritising different goals and ambitions. But we have to get up and start somewhere. I want to lie down at the end of every night and think yeah, I’m pretty happy with my day. I worked on my self-care and my personal development and I had fun too. You won’t be able to do everything every day. Again, that’s definitely okay.

Just do what you can, right now. Just don’t do nothing.

So today, I’m gonna post this article and I’m gonna join Adriene on the mat. I’m also going to cosy up with my book.

You do your version.

Report back in a month!

When The Party’s Over – Kina Grannis

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