journal prompts pt.2

So kids, we missed two weeks there. Also, yeah, it’s a Saturday again but if we wait for me to remember to post on a Friday then it may never happen. That’s my bad. Anyway! Onwards!

It’s another quick self-care task this week to follow on from our intention writing. I want you to get comfortable with journal writing. Cos I think it can save you. It can keep you safe. It can challenge you. It can let you feel your emotions, whatever they are. But it can be hard to stare at a blank page and wonder where to start. Something about the vast expanse of blankness can either ignite feverish scribblings or completely clear the mind of all human function. Depends on the day. So following on from a post I wrote last year, here are ten more journal prompt ideas:

1. What are you not letting yourself feel?

2. What’s one of your most treasured memories?

3. What’s one thing you’d like to have implemented into your life a year from now?

4. A book review.

5. Today you wanted to dropkick everyone in the face. Tell me why.

6. Give a stream of consciousness a go. Don’t overthink it. Just write anything and see where it 

leads you.

7. Write about a part of your physical body that you are just in awe of right now.

8. A little gratitude never hurt.

9. Are you working towards your dreams? Tell me how you are or how you could.

10. What are you most excited for?

Happy writing, kids!

A Living Human Girl – The Regrettes


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