Who am I?

Today I have something a little bit different for you. During my writing class in America, one week we had to write a monologue from the point of view of a well-known person and everyone else had to try and guess who it was. I wanted to see if you could guess mine. I’m looking for the person and the point in their career. Digital high fives to anyone who gets it!

They thought I was just a stupid, bratty kid.
I wasn’t. I made millions. Does that strike you,
as stupid? I mean, I played up to it: they looked at my blonde hair,
and bubblegum optimism and they smiled at me with pity,
like I was dying or something. They thought they were using me.
It was kind of hilarious really.
I may have been sixteen but I understood how the business worked.
Find something they want, and repeat until you’re a washed,
up twenty five year old who’s now a decade out of touch,
and still wears children’s clothes, in a trashy way though.
I fully understood all that then. But I have bigger plans now.
I know how to break the system, how to shock.


I’ve already shown my versatility, I graduated from tacky,
kids performer to fully-formed pop sensation. Not many,
can make the transition, but I did. Do they give me any credit?
Don’t be ridiculous, they can’t see me as the queen I am,
I have only air in my head and boys on the agenda.
Good one. Let them think that, I’ll outsmart them. They’ll think,
I’m crazy but I’ll have gotten exactly what I wanted.
I know how the system works.
I refuse to be washed up, I’ll be back on the radar in no time.
I’m a legend, a national treasure, a nineties sensation.


When a woman has a child, they say her career is over,
a shambles, a joke, if she ever tried to get it back.
She’s reduced to the red circle of shame in trashy magazines,
they call me a bad mother if I want to put something new,
together. ‘She should be with her children’, ‘another,
celebrity letting the nanny bring up the kids’.
They think by following me around, those paparazzi stalkers,
means they’ve pieced together my whole life through their lens,
of money-making, story-breaking, warped humanity.
But it’s all a show. They’re just to oblivious and desperate,
to see what’s in front of their face. Ironic really,
I’m the one playing them, yet, I’m the ditzy idiot?


Watch out for it, it’s going to be a spectacle,
they’ll question my sanity, let them, that’s nothing,
out of the usual. I refuse to fade away, I’d rather burn out.
They’ll think I’m fabulous, or they’ll think I’m attention-seeking.
Either way, I’ll have my kingdom back.
You can’t keep a queen down.


Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire

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