what did you expect from the vaccines?

Sometimes I look up from my own thoughts and realise it’s been eight months and I have been doing the same thing every day. Whether that’s not replying to friends messages for no reason, watching eight seasons of Friends in less than six weeks or realising you haven’t done that thing that’s been on your to do list since last year. And it’s kind of exhausting. Exhausting to always be doing the same thing. To stagnate and never change. But it’s hard to convince yourself to change. Sometimes it’s easier to just watch the weeks and months pass instead of taking part in them. I think it’s good to switch up your routine but I don’t think it can all be done at once. So maybe we just pick something really small and alter that. I have this thing where I hear a new song that I love and then I will just put it on loop for like a week. Then I’ve killed it so I have to move on. The problem with doing this is there is no variety. There isn’t even any albums. And whilst it may seem like I’m listening to new music, I’m not really. At my rate I may just get fifty new songs a year. Which may sound a lot to some people. But to someone who usually always has music on that seems like a very small number. And I don’t want to only listen to the music I already know for the rest of my life. So yesterday I put on the first album by The Vaccines whilst I was walking to work. I’ve been to one of their gigs before with my siblings. I’d say I enjoy their music cos I like what I’ve heard. But then I thought, wait do I even know all their songs on their first album? Turns out I didn’t. But it’s a fucking good album. Wetsuit and Lack of Understanding are boss songs. As well as the more well-known songs like Norgaard and Post Break-Up Sex. I’m going to move on to the second album soon. To build my knowledge. But for now it’s been nice switching up my day by bringing some new music into it. Baby steps.

Wetsuit – The Vaccines (duh)


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