the art of the letter

So today is just going to be a quick post since I’ve only just got out of work. Give me a break guys, I’m trying to keep to schedule!

Ha, anyway. So you may have noticed by now that I quite like writing. This affinity wholeheartedly extends into letters. I love receiving mail. I find it so exciting. Unless it’s a bill, obviously. But as soon as I see a handwritten addressed letter to me I’m super curious to know what’s inside. I think it’s one of my only qualms with the internet, yeah emails and Messenger are fine but you know they’re not the same. There’s something romantic about the care put into a letter and I’m all for it.

When I was away at uni I would exchange letters and cards with my nan. Sometimes she’d just tell me what she’d done with her day and other times I’d tell her how drunk I’d been the day before. Sometimes she’d send me news clippings and other times I’d tell her my dreams. That practise has kind of fell by the wayside now that I live so close to her again. But it’s a practise I really enjoyed so I want to start it back up with her (she doesn’t know yet) and other people I’m close to.

So the self-care task this week is easy: write someone a letter. Could be a sister or a best mate. Could even be to a stranger. Is there something you need to say, need to admit, but don’t want to tell anyone who could really judge you? Maybe it’s something too hard to say. That’s fine. Just write a letter, address it to somewhere and post it. I’ve literally just thought of this idea and I’m already excited to try it. I think it could be liberating. Maybe write some words of encouragement that you think someone needs to hear. Kind words from a stranger.

If it’s to someone you know, just tell them how your day has been. Or tell them your deepest fears. Of course we’re gonna have to take our heads out of our phones to actually find out our friends addresses. I know I don’t know as many as I should. So that’s it, choose one and get going!

Dreamer – Isbells

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