dance like no one is watching

If I have to see this cliche in floaty white text over a sunset or the bikini-clad arse of some woman one more time I’ll probably vomit. Having said that, it’s perfect for this week’s self-care post. So we’ll go with it.

Yeah you’ve guessed it; this week’s challenge is simple. Put on your headphones or airpods or google brains – whatever the kids are using these days – set your volume to a level you know your mum would tell you off for then blast any song that is going to get you moving. I don’t discriminate based on genre. If you want some heavy metal that’s cool with me or if you need some Ariana Grande you do you. I’d probably go for some ska or rock and roll or even some eighties dance. I’d leave the folk and the prog rock at the door but hey, that’s just me. If it’s some weird Kate Bush dancing you’re going for today then something slower might be perfect.

It just has to really get every bone and muscle in your body twitching til you’re pulling some moves that no one should ever have to witness. Make sure you’re in a room alone, wait til it’s dark and close the curtains if you’re really self conscious. But just get into a space where you can be the best freak you know how.

Now singing at the top of your lungs is not mandatory but it’s enthusiastically encouraged. You might want to make sure there’s no one in the whole house for that one though. My dad doesn’t need to hear that.

And that’s literally it guys, simple.

Dance until you’re red in the face and needing a shower. Or dance til you’ve got out all your stress or anger. Dance til you’re laughing at yourself and just living your best life. Dance til you realise life is short and we need moments like this. Dance til you’ve exhausted your playlist. Oh and look at that. I’ve made you a Spotify playlist to get you started. That’s convenient.

Now go dance, my little weirdos. Unapologetically.

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