We always make a big deal about the new year, our goals and intentions and how we’re going to be different in the new year. And personally I’m all for it. I know people disagree with resolutions being set this time of year because they think it’s superficial or fleeting. They think you shouldn’t need a new year to begin something or make a change. And that’s fair. The ticking of time is arbitrary and it shouldn’t be what makes you alter your life. But if without it you’re not going to change at all then what’s the harm? Yeah, if your goal is to not drink all year but you’ve already made plans to go to the pub on Friday then that’s probably not gonna happen. But if you’re looking for a lifestyle change and you completely commit yourself then I see no reason why January shouldn’t be an excellent time to start. I believe in you. And I want that for you.

So if you know you’re infamously lousy at new year’s resolutions then make that one of your goals. Consciously make an effort to have more follow through. This is me for this year. I’m keeping my intentions super short. I’m not going to complicate it because I know myself. It won’t work. I’ll blink and it’ll be June and I’ll be sat in bed watching Riverdale or something. And nobody wants that. So I’m focussing on only three words. Writing, saving and health. They all encompass many subsections and twists and turns but I’m not going to trouble myself with those right now. I’m concentrating on these three words because they’re simplistic and self-explanatory. I’ll expand on ideas as the year develops.

My only other intention is that this year is going to be about me. Because why shouldn’t it be? It’s going to be full of positive energy and good vibes. There’s going to be self-care and self-love and mindfulness. There’s going to be meditation and yoga and lots of new plant-based recipes. There’s going to be travelling and music and literature. There’s going to be hikes and coffee and long chats with good friends. There’s going to be me connecting better with my friends, in person, via messenger, through letters and even smoke signals. There’s going to be starry nights and sunny mornings. There’s going to be quiet and stillness and journalling. There’s going to be creativity and careers and spirituality. There’s going to be openness to new ventures. And there’s going to be laughter and I’m sure many tears. There’s going to be good days and terrible ones, but then there’ll be another good one. I’m jumping into twentyeighteen with optimism.

So peace out, 2017, you were a bastard. 2018’s looking better already.

Waking Up Again – Emily Hearn

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