Hung Parliament

Warning: This is a real-time thought stream not a coherent article.

So what am I feeling after this snap election? I’m not sure really, I’m still trying to gather my thoughts. On one hand I’m kind of super proud of people for changing their votes. I’m especially proud of young people for getting out there and voting when they said we wouldn’t. But the young vote is not surprising – we’re thinking of our futures and the country not just our own financial gain. And I think a fair mention is due to all the boss older generations who are voting Corbyn for the young people they know, for themselves and because they know it’s right. But I mean Tories still won, May is still PM. Yeah, she’s a fucking joke and her leadership is in tatters but she’s still in power. And millions of people still voted for her. And who the fuck are the DUP and what the hell is Scotland doing? Stop being so selfish. You’ve gone from Labour to SNP to Tory. You’ve actually voted for May and her fields of wheat and her magic money growing tree and her scoffs at the poor. And I’m presuming you’re not all millionaires. Self-destruction. But we gained a lot of seats, Corbyn proved himself not just a leader but a strong one, one that people believe in. And in a snap election I think that’s a victory. People have overwhelmingly stated now that they want Corbyn so hopefully the PLP will just shut up and get behind him. Even with millions being funnelled into atrocities like the Daily Mail, The Sun (don’t buy the Sun) and The Daily Express he’s shown his strength. Well, fuck the right wing press, you lost. Is this the end of newspaper obvious bias and personal attacks to win Westminster sway? People actually crave real stories and facts now. Maybe you should look for a new empire, Rupert. In a normal election I think Corbyn would have actually won it, he was steadily building momentum (<- accidental choice of word but now I wish it was capitalised!), but this was a snap election no one knew was coming. Unless May obviously did and she thought she’d try and get ahead – isn’t that ironic. I do think it’s a bit of a joke that the DUP are now part of the coalition that’s in power. They have less votes than the Green Party. Less than half their votes but nine more seats.. They’re climate change deniers, against abortion and gay marriage and now they’re in Parliament. Oh and they’re big Leavers just to top it off. In the few hours immediately after May announced this deal there was a surge in google searches for DUP and I think that’s all you need to know. Caroline Lucas quite rightly pointed out that May has been pushing hate for this ‘coalition of chaos’, yeah good one mate, you’ve just created one. Another aspect that’s bothering me is May’s continued lack of effort to show authority. I mean ‘certainty’?! Could she have picked a fucking stupider word? Who is she kidding? All she’s shown time and time again is that she’s incapable, unreliable and pretty uncaring. She’s ran the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life. I know I’m only 23 but, Jesus, it was bad. I’d love to ask her how she thought it went. She’s so smug and complacent that I think she’d even now think it went well. She didn’t show up to the leadership debate and she refused to go against Corbyn head on. For one, that’s just completely undemocratic in this day and age and I simply don’t know how she was allowed not to show up. I’m not sure what she thought the gain was there either because all of her incoherent answers to the press (and the hilarious edited versions on social media) have just been jumbled garbage. I’m not gonna be the first to say that ‘Strong and Stable’ was thrown completely out the window there. She looked inept and weak. She has this nervous yet condescending laugh and it goes right through me. I don’t think she actually knows how to hold an intelligent conversation. She’s answered questions like a politician and Corbyn has shown that’s not actually necessary – you could just speak to us like we’re actual living, breathing, functioning, adult human beings. Novel idea. But whatever, I really don’t think she’ll last long. She’s not credible in the UK and certainly not in Europe (there’s some certainty for you, Theresa, love). She’s created her legacy and now she’ll have to live with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Tory back bencher coup, but let’s not ruin the day more with thoughts of Boris. Christ. I think my overall feelings from the result are a little disappointed but mainly hopeful. I didn’t expect this good of a result for Corbyn even though I believe in him. The shambles of the 2015 GE and 2016’s Brexit easily crushed my little, socialist spirit. I’ve been trying to find faith in the British public and maybe it’s creeping back. I hope so. I don’t think this propped up coalition will work for long and at the next election we’ll be fucking ready. Viva Corbyn!

(p.s Clegg lost his seat and he looked really sad and for a second I felt a pang of sympathy then I got over it, good riddance. See how I just completely 180’d myself there, Nick? Ouch.)

(p.p.s Corbyn is also a bloody vegetarian so what more could I or anyone else want?)


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