Dare to Change

I think one of the hardest things is recognising and admitting that we need to change. That we need to improve in some way in a certain aspect of our life. It’s not that we think we’re perfect. It’s just that change is hard. It’s difficult and it takes dedication. I mean, who’s got the time? But once you notice the quirk or habit that annoys you it isn’t going to go away. So change.

Something I’ve thought about myself for quite a while now is that I have great intentions and not much follow through. This ironically is one of the things I hate most about myself. I envision these changes for myself and I can see vividly my new and improved life but damn, it’s so easy to just stay here in the comfort of the present. Whether it’s getting healthy, getting writing or getting saving the lazy version of myself would much prefer to eat those crisps, watch that movie or go on that book-buying spree. But you’ve got to ask yourself: what did that achieve? And I know the answer already. Literally nothing. Momentary, fleeting satisfaction. It’s about self-control, I think. And self-respect. Will-power. Willingness to be better.

The reason it’s frustrating is because we are in control of what happens to us. As All The Luck In The World say ‘all you have to do in life is die, everything else is a choice’. And they’re right, of course. It’s choice. We choose to stagnate, to hit a rut, to swim in dissatisfaction. We don’t love ourselves enough to treat ourselves differently. To choose another path. At least I don’t. But change shouldn’t be a scary word. Ever.

And I’d like to be better. Do better.

So how? Just do it. Easier said than done but that’s an important first step. Assertively say that you are making the decision to change, grow, evolve, improve. Now. Just know whole-heartedly in your very being that the way you daydream your life being is the one you’re making a reality. And then the hard part: actually do it. Take it day by day and, depending on what it is, make little goals and take small steps at the start. You don’t want to crash and burn like all those new years resolution types. This is a lifestyle change. A lifelong change. So treat it seriously and with respect. Give it time to manifest. Make it your routine. Make one simple, small, insignificant change. Once that is ingrained add a little more. This could be over one week or three months, the timescale is yours. Do what needs to be done for you. You are the creator.

Eventually you’ll embody the change you wanted to see and then you can move on to the next project. This isn’t about stripping yourself down to bare all your faults. Don’t listen to other people’s opinions and don’t change out of obligation or fear. This is about reevaluating your life and admitting what isn’t working for you and then trying something different. It’s about adventure, discovery, variety, wellbeing. It’s about challenging yourself, educating yourself. And what else do we ever want? It’s about happiness.

So I’m taking my own advice. Are you?

Conquer – All The Luck In The World


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