So I’m starting a poem project. It may turn into the 100 Poem Challenge but let’s be real, that will never happen in one hundred consecutive days in my world. There’s no rules. Let’s go.


I wonder why people hate
it so much, prefer the sound
of their moans, problems, idiocies.
Always competing.
Shouting to be heard whilst ignoring
each other.
They think we’re lonely,
but we hear. We can feel their
voices dripped in isolation, desperation.
Craving approval.
Silence. They find it so loud
where we feel peace, tranquility.
My words mean something
where their’s pale in significance,
the sheer quantity of speech.
Endlessly left wanting,
where us, the introverts, enjoy
the silence. We are free.


Ever So Shy – General Fiasco


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