A Window Of Opportunity

You know when you write a piece and then find it years later and almost can’t remember ever writing it? That’s this post for me. I found this little snippet of wisdom on my laptop the other day and placed it as something I wrote for my university’s newspaper in my second year. I’m posting it here because I really enjoyed the completely unsubtle extended metaphor of the curtains but I find myself applauding younger Sarah’s relentlessly sunny disposition. Enjoy!

There is a window in my house halfway down the stairs, dressed in curtains. I pull those curtains shut every day when the sun goes down. Every morning when I leave the house I open them. They’ve become an old friend, a habit, something I didn’t notice until recently. The curtains do not affect the lighting in any other room, just the stairwell. But still I keep their function. They open, they close. But why? There is no need. Their existence is futile. Why do we do these things, so insignificant and irrelevant? Humans live day to day, many with some kind of a routine. Without noticing, that routine begins to define you. Or at least claim you.

As students, lectures and that nine o’clock nightmare sometimes fill us with dread, or at least procrastination. We question the necessity of attendance if what we’ll get is the ‘same old’. We wonder whether to start that essay two weeks before deadline when we know we’ve perfected the all-nighter. Many of us choose the easy way because we enjoy a certain lifestyle. We go out, we watch Netflix, and we incessantly scroll the internet. What we need is motivation.

You could see my curtains as a metaphor for life or you may just see them face value for what they are: a chore. A practicality.

Life itself may be a practicality and opening and closing those curtains may be inconsequential. Days may be similar, draining or boring. But if you don’t open the curtain how can you possibly know what’s just sitting out there waiting for you.

I’m not saying your life is going to turn in to a movie just because you open your curtains, far from it. What I’m telling you is you have the power to better your life. And only you. You want motivation? Get off your backside and do something. Every day is unknown, dripping in potential. Exploring your curiosity, stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something wonderful will domino effect in to the rest of your life. If you enjoy your everyday life studying and working become easier.

Smile at someone in the street, do something nice. Hold open a door, make an effort where you normally wouldn’t. The shackles of routine begin to break. You are the master of your own freedom. Doing things, having a job, studying, doesn’t equal unhappiness and mundaneness. It is opportunity. Flip your switch from cruise control to acceleration and enjoy the results.

I open my curtains not because I really care about them and not because I’m even really thinking about it; my arm reacting without my brains dictation. They are a stepping stone in my day. To get downstairs and out of my house they must part. What happens after is entirely up to me.

All The Luck In The World – Never

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